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Clothing, food, medical equipment for poor families

Despite some of the benefits offered in some states in the United States of America, we have many families in our community facing problems to pay their rent, to pay their monthly bills, to buy their children's school supplies and even to eat properly.

It is because of these issues that La Fundación Los Niños de Maria, Inc., maintains an open line to receive requests at any giving moment from families needing some kind of assistance. Families that are going through difficult times, especially during the winter months, sometimes due to the shortage of work contracts companies lay off employees, or simply fire them with no access to unemployment benefits.

Sometimes we learn of families that have just arrived from other countries, refugees, and people that all they have is the clothes on their back.

The Foundation maintains a place where it stores all theclothes and other articles, including coats and shoes, etc., and this is available to people in need, regardless of their legal status, religion, political affiliations or sexual orientation. We do not discriminate.

It is important that the community has this valuable information handy, that way as soon as they become aware of a family that needs this kind of help, they can contact someone from the organization and we would gladly extend a helping hand, giving them items they need without asking for any type of payment.

Same way, the call is made to all families and businesses, to continue to support this effort with their donations of items and funds to cover transportation and/or shipping costs.

La Fundación Los Niños de María, Inc., invites and welcomes anyone that feels called to collaborate or be a direct part of these humanitarian activities, to contact us call 703-600-9463 or 202-352-0286 or writing to: info@losninosdemaria.org / marlene@losninosdemaria.org and we would gladly give you any additional information you may need.

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