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Fundraising event "Chiquita Bonita" - Spring of each year

This is a socio-cultural humanitarian event designed for girls 5-12 years old, brought together to set up a show in order to raise funds that are pre-destined to buy basic necessities for children and/or families of limited resources.

The whole event is an opportunity to serve, and at the same time to have fun, experience speaking in public, runway (modeling), to show and to get to know more about the culture of different countries, to share the meaning of various typical costumes, socialize with girls of other nationalities, earn some cash prizes and most of all, show a beautiful vocation of service.

All girls participate in a colorful parade of typical and gala costumes.
At this event we usually select two or three girls to represent our organization as "ambassadors" of our Foundation to serve for a total of one year. These ambassadors collaborate in a plan of work, either to organize some type of fundraising activity, or collect articles that later would be donated to poor children.

More detailed information about this event can be obtained by calling 202-352-0286, sending an email to marlene@losninosdemaria.org or email to info@losninosdemaria.org “Chiquita Bonita” girls helping poor children and their families.