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Free boutiques for low income families

This is one of the most important activities of the Foundation from 2016, which has attracted the attention of the entire community, so much so that it has been reported by very important local medias, such as: Radio La Jefa 700 AM, “Variedades de Washington” program by Tony Guzmán, Univision, DC, and directly by the news section of Univision and Telemundo, as well as the newspaper Tiempo Latino among others.

This is the implementation of "free shops" or boutiques in churches and schools where families and students from low-income families gather together and shop free of charge.

The idea is that the family goes “shopping”, choose what they need, including clothes, shoes, toys, school supplies, baby strollers, kitchen utensils, etc., and no money is needed. The Foundation donates all these items to bring some joy and hope to our people living in a certain level of poverty.

As temperatures begin to drop, the Greater Washington, DC Latin Connection TMN and the La Fundación los Niños de María, Inc., come together to help low-income families prepare for the upcoming wintery conditions in DC, Maryland y Virginia.

“This sort of event allows parents that normally don’t have the funds to purchase clothes for their kids due to low income or no income to have a chance to get newer attire for Christmas and the rest of the school year,” said Sandra Batres, store manager and Greater Washington, DC Latin Connection TMN co-chair.

Boxes of clothes, shoes, and school supplies were laid out for more than 120 families at the Ridge Crest Elementary in Maryland to take home, free of charge. Wells Fargo team members from across D.C., Maryland, and Virginia and volunteers of Fundación Los Niños de María, Inc. helped set up, deliver the boxes, and guide parents through the different tables set up with clothing, bedding and school supplies.

Similar events were organized in other elementary schools, including: Baileys, Glen Forest and Hybla Valley Elementary, all three in VA. Our organization is working on the effort to continue this and open more of these "free stores" in other schools and/or churches in the community.

La Fundación los Niños de María, Inc., is a nonprofit that organizes fundraising activities and the collection of school supplies, toys, clothing, food, medicine, etc. for low-income families. They also have a presence in the Dominican Republic, Central and South America to bring aid to families, the elderly and students in struggling financial situations or living in extreme poverty.

La Fundación Los Niños de María, Inc., cordially invites everyone who feels called to collaborate by making a donation or to volunteer to contact us by calling 703-600-9463, 202-352-0286 or writing to: info@losninosdemaria.org, and we would gladly give you additional information.