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Service to the elderly and dinning with the homeless

The Foundation's work involves a lot of effort with children in need, as well as part of this great effort is dedicated to offering help to aging people, people who reach a considerable age and which for some reason remain stationary in poverty, sick or without relatives who can assist them.

Fundación Los Niños de Maria, Inc. supported by a number of local restaurants and volunteers, whom for a date as important as Thanksgiving, provide us with a considerable amount of food, others give us their time to go out in groups to find the places where many of these people are concentrated (homeless), arriving at the parks, bridges and houses in very bad condition, to bring them hot food, water, coffee, blankets, gloves, caps, coats, and a little joy ...

You must be part of this humanitarian work to feel the great satisfaction that we feel to see the faces of so many people having a moment of joy and put a smile on their faces, being that at some point have already lost hope, and on that special day we come to them and we remind them that there are still institutions and people who care about them.

Every year, the number of restaurants that donate and volunteers that join the Foundation's cause grows; this is how we are able to accomplish this work, one that touches so deeply the feelings of both, those who give and those who receive.

We are always in need of food, blankets, coats, hats, scarfs, bottled water, coffee, sodas, coats, etc., for this specific activity. If this is something that appeals to you and touches your heart in a way that makes you want to be part of it, please call us, we always welcome volunteers and donors, we want you to be part of the great satisfaction and joy our heart feels when we serve those who have a little or nothing at all.

Those who are interested in sponsoring or want to be a part of this activity, please contact us at 202-352-0286, 703-600-9463 or by email at: marlene@losninosdemaria.org or info@losninosdemaria.org

This event takes place on Thanksgiving Day, each year.